What Now? What to do when Robot comes home.

So you have built your first NodeBot, what is next? There are several great resources to continue with building your personal version of skynet!

Make: JavaScript Robotics

This book contains a project a chapter from building NodeBoats to NodeRockets! It was a collaborative work from the Johnny-Five and NodeBots community!


This is the official website of the Johnny Five Library and it is full of examples on how to use servos to motors to just about any other sensor you can think of!


Arduino Experimenter's Guide for NodeJS

This guide will step you through assembling and progamming a number of projects using an Arduino-compatible microcontroller and node.js, to help you get started building your own NodeBots. This guide has been designed to be used with the Arduino Experimenter's Kit, which is available from several suppliers, including SparkFun, AdaFruit, SEEED Studio and Freetronics.

NodeSchool.io NodeBot Workshop

A nodeschool workshop on how to get your ardunio alive with johnny-five.

Johnny-Five Projects Gallery

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