Lightbot project

This customization will add a Light Dependent Resistor (Photocell) to the front of the bot to allow controlling the bot with a light source. When light is directed at the front of the SumoBot, it will move forward; when no light is present, it will stop. This is a simple demonstration of processing analog sensor input into actuator output.

The following items can be found in the and Radioshack:

Sumo LEDs

The following diagram describe the circuit layout for the controller board:

Circuit Layout

Here's the code that will run the Lightbot:

var Spark = require("spark-io");
var five = require("johnny-five");
var Sumobot = require("sumobot")(five);

var board = new five.Board({
  io: new Spark({
    token: process.env.SPARK_TOKEN,
    deviceId: process.env.SPARK_DEVICE

board.on("ready", function() {

  console.log("Welcome to Sumobot Jr: Light Bot!");

  var bot = new Sumobot({
    left: "D0",
    right: "D1",
    speed: 0.50

  var light = new five.Sensor("A0");

  // More light => higher resistance => lower ADC value
  // If the reading is < 512, it's in direct light
  light.booleanAt(512).on("change", function() {
    bot[this.boolean ? "stop" : "fwd"]();

  // Ensure the bot is stopped

Don't forget, for the above code to work, you'll need to install the node modules:

npm install keypress spark-io johnny-five sumobot

Here's a video of it in action:

These instructions are adapted from Customizing the RobotsConf Sumobot with Johnny-Five by Rick Waldron, creator of Johnny Five

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