Hello World

The hello world application for NodeBots is the customary blink of a LED.


  1. NodeJS
  2. Particle Core Device Id
  3. Particle Core User Access Token

Getting started

On your particle core bread board take a led red or green and place the long end into the D7 and the short end into the GND slot of the breadboard.

Then create a folder on your computer called jf-helloworld and cd into that folder.

Enter the following commands:

# init as an npm project - default through the prompts
npm init -y
npm install johnny-five --save
npm install spark-io --save

Create a file called index.js

var Spark = require('spark-io')
var five = require('johnny-five')

var board = new five.Board({
  io: new Spark({
    token: process.env.SPARK_TOKEN,
    deviceId: process.env.SPARK_DEVICE_ID

board.on('ready', function() {
  var led = new five.Led("D7")

Finally setup your deviceId and access token as env variables:

export SPARK_TOKEN=[access token]
export SPARK_DEVICE_ID=[device id]

Now you are ready to run you app:

node index.js

!!! Congrats you should see a LED Blink !!!

[ctrl-c] will close the app.

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