Particle Core Setup

We want to setup the particle core via usb.

1. Plug in your usb cable to your computer and the particle core.

2. Run particle-cli setup

particle setup

3. Enter your email address and password, this will create an account on

4. Detect your wifi, you should have a handout that contains the wifi info, use it to send your particle core the wifi information.

You should see the core light go from blinking blue to breathing cyan:

If you get any errors please let one of the mentors know.

5. Flash the core

You will need to have dfu-util installed to load firmware to a usb connected device.

6. Checkout voodoospark

git clone
cd voodoospark

7. Flashing the voodoospark firmware

Before flashing the firmware you will need to get your particle flashing yellow so that it can be detected To do this:

  • Press on both buttons
  • release the reset button while still pressing on the mode button
  • when the particle starts blinking yellow, you can release the mode button and it is now ready to flash
particle cloud flash --usb firmware/voodoospark.cpp --force

or alternatively you can do it over wifi once you have your particle setup to connect to the Internet

particle cloud flash <deviceId> firmware/voodoospark.cpp

8. Get your Device ID and Access Token

To get your device id simply Run

particle list

To get your access token

In you home directory there should be a folder called .particle and in that folder a file called particle.config.json - in that file should be your access token.

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